September 21st, 2012

Panda Pocky (Cookies & Cream)

Pocky Panda

Pocky have recently introduced a great new flavour to the range – Pocky Panda!

This new flavour is basically Cookies & Cream, and the black and white design is being marketed and packaged like a Panda.

The Pocky itself is a little different in that the inner biscuit stick is chocolate flavoured and the chocolate is a frosted white cream. The chocolate is smooth and encrusted with flakes of cookie biscuit, which compliments the smooth chocolate covering.

panda pocky sticks What does it taste like?

This is quite a sweet tasting Pocky as you would imagine, but the biscuit and the cookie flakes prevent it from becoming too creamy or sickly.

If you have ever had Oreos ( / and enjoyed them, then you should be right at home with these Cookie & Cream Pockys – The cream and biscuit texture and taste isn’t unlike eating an Oreo.

Panda Pocky offers an authentic take on cookies and cream, and provides the kind of delicious taste and texture that first made Pocky famous.

pocky panda box One other thing that is worth pointing out is the packaging.

This is one of the best Pocky boxes that we have seen in a long time. The box is bold, with a panda on the front who is seen clutching the black and white Pocky sticks.

The attention to detail is also evident inside the box, and the inner bag that holds the Pocky sticks is also decorated with small Pandas and twinkling stars.

The design is very Japanese which makes Cookies and Cream Panda Pocky a great gift.

If you are looking to buy some Panda Pocky then it is available online, so you can get it delivered to your door – so be sure to check out the stock at or

Alternatively, check out our Panda Pocky product page to see the latest online vendors selling it: Cookies and Cream Panda Pocky

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