July 31st, 2014

Old Pocky TV Commercials

As a product, Pocky has been around since the 1960s – the first box of Pocky was launch in 1966, and it took 5 years before it was joined by Almond Pocky in 1971. It then took another 6 years for Strawberry Pocky to be released in Japan (1977).

It is kind of amazing to think that Pocky has a) been around that long, and b) that it took so long to update and grow the range, especially when you think how frequently it gets updated with new flavours every year these days.

Anyyway, here are a few classic Pocky TV commercials from days when there wasn’t quite such a huge array of flavors to hunt down and get stressed about missing out on….

Here is a Pocky commercial that looks like it dates from the late 1980s or early 1990s. Might be the skeptic in me, but it looks like you got lots more Pocky in a box back then.

This Pocky commercials is definitely from the 1980s, and it features Seiko Matsuda who was a popular singer/songwriter.

And here is another one of her earning her cheque from Glico to advertise Pocky:

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