July 31st, 2014

Top 10 Pocky Flavours in Japan

LA Weekly recently published what they felt were the Top 11 Pocky flavors is Japan.

Their chart wasn’t based on any quoted research, or even sales data, it was more of a personal list of what they viewed as the top Pocky flavors in Japan.

We did a quick look on Amazon to see what the most popular Pocky flavor was and in the UK the current bestselling Pocky was regular Strawberry Pocky, whilst in the US it was original chocolate Pocky (obviously this fluctuates and is subject to factors like ‘availability’).

Anyway, here is the list from LA Weekly, and for what it is worth we have also added our own current Top 10 flavors at the bottom of the post.

Top 11 Pocky flavors in Japan

(as defined by LA Weekly)

1. Original Pocky
pocky chocolate It’s hard not to put Original Pocky at number 1, this is the daddy of all Pockys and it has been around in one form or another since 1966. Simple, elegant, and a classic. Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
2. Cookie Crush Pocky
cookie crush pocky The Pocky Crush range is another classic, so we can understand why this is in their Top 10. Pocky Cookie Crush is indulgent and gives you thicker chocolate with chunks of Cookie, so what’s not to love? We would have ranked a different Pocky Crush flavor higher, and you can see our choice lower down the page.
3. Strawberry Pocky
Strawberry Pocky This is another classic that has been a staple in the Pocky range since the 1970s. It was the first fruit based Pocky flavor and remains a year round Pocky favorite. Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
4. Sweet Milk Pocky
Sweet Milk Pocky Interesting that they place a Milk based Pocky so high, as we find many of the milk Pocky flavors to taste more of condensed milk, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the flavor we’d reach for. That said, Milk Pocky remains hugely popular in Japan, and usually gets released with bright and cartoonish box art.
5. Almond Crush Pocky
pocky almond crush This is the second Pocky Crush flavor that makes their chart, and we can totally understand why – Pocky Almond Crush has been around for a while and its popularity with all age groups means it is one of the core Pocky flavors that is usually available all year round. Thick milk chocolate, chunks of crushed almonds, and a sweet biscuit stick. Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
6. Giant Pocky
giant pocky Walking home from the shops with this is like carrying a box of cereal. Each Giant Pocky comes individually wrapped in the box and is about a foot long. We are reluctant to call this a snack, almost a meal in itself. Giant Pocky is basically original chocolate Pocky, but supersized beyond reasonable belief. Seriously, you could fight off an attacker with one of these. Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
7. Gokuboso Pocky
slim pocky Gokuboso is also know as ‘slim Pocky’. It is basically a super-slim version that was released to some degree of popularity. Allegedly the slim Pocky contributes to a more intense taste – but in our opinion, as nice as it is, it comes off tasting pretty much like regular Pocky.
8. Winter Pocky
winter pocky This seasonal Pocky is released in winter and features thicker chocolate and a dusting of cocoa powder – the perfect winter comfort snack. It is a rich tasting Pocky, and a suitably winter-ish box design – a cold silver box, with warm flakes of cocoa powder falling down on to the chocolate Pocky sticks.
9. Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry
tsubu tsubu strawberry pocky The Tsubu Tsubu Pocky flavors basically add bits of fuit to the chocolate of flavoured frosting. This Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry is probably the most common and longest lasting product in the Tsubu Pocky range. It features the usual great strawberry taste, which is then enhanced by the flakes and bits of dried strawberry embedded in the frosting. Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk
10. Chocolate on Chocolate
pocky caramel Their selection of Chocolate on Chocolate Pocky is a good one, however the range is barely available at present. This version of Pocky basically featured two toppings, the first was a chocolate caramel testing ‘undercoat’ or base layer, with a thick layer of cholocate daubed over the top. One of the more indulgent Pockys, and one that would probably make you feel guilty by pulling one out and eating in public.
11. Milk Chocolate Pocky
Pocky Milk Chocolate Their final selection was the Milk Chocolate Pocky – this is a variation on Original Pocky that adds an extra milky chocolate to the regular Pocky biscuit stick. This is pretty sweet upon first tasting, but after eating a couple it stands up on its own merits and as with most Pockys it ends up being very ‘more-ish’.
There you have it, that is the top 11 Pocky flavors according to LA Weekly that provides a quick insight into the types of flavors that remain popular in the Pocky range.

And for what it is worth, this is our current Top 10 Pocky flavors, note we said ‘current’, to be honest our Top 10 changes as new releases come out and old ones are taken off the shelves. Top 10 Pocky charts are fickle things …

Our Pocky Top 10

1. Original Pocky
2. Almond Crush Pocky
3. Rich Milk Pie Pocky
4. Peanut Crush Pocky
5. Panda Cookie & Cream Pocky
6. Giant Pocky
7. Strawberry Pocky
8. Mint Chocolate Pocky
9. Salty Pocky
10. Coconut Pocky

Add your top flavors in the comments, we’d be keen to see what you guys all love the most in the Pocky range.

For more Pocky, don’t forget to check out our massive list of Pocky Flavors.

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