July 8th, 2014

What are the lyrics to the Pocky song in the commercials?

What do the words mean in the Pocky commercials?

The Japanese Pocky commercials have featured a distinctive song in them for a long time. The song is often performed in slightly different musical styles, depending on the theme of the commercial, but the basic melody and the lyrics are always the same.

The words to the Pocky theme are as follows:

ÔÇťAnata mo watashi mo Pocky
Anata mo watashi mo Pocky
Anata mo watashi mo Pocky”

So what does this mean?

Roughly translated, it means “you and I are pocky” or “you are pocky and so am I.”

In Japanese, ‘mo, means also, and ‘watashi’ is a gender-neutral pronoun for ‘I’ or ‘me’. So ‘watashi mo’ can be translated as ‘me also’. Basically, you and I are Pocky……..we are all Pocky.

Check out an example of the Pocky song below:

Anata mo watashi mo Pocky!

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