August 9th, 2014

Pocky Grab Bags…a new way to buy Pocky in bulk.

One box of Pocky is never enough, it gets eaten too quickly. Fact.

We get asked a lot about how you can buy Pocky in bulk, but the options usually involve buying a case of individual boxes all shrink-wrapped together.

Well there is a new option now that is probably more affordable, and will definitely take up lass space in your cupboards. A Pocky Grab Bag now exists!

These are great – you get a large, hard-wearing, bag of Pocky, which contains 9 individual bags of Pocky.

The bags of Pocky contained within the large grab bag are basically the standard sealed bags that you get inside a normal Pocky box.

So this is a nice way to buy Pocky in bulk, without needing to go nuts and buy a huge boxful at a time. This grab bag will sit nicely in your cupboard and not take up much room at all. Get it at

Pocky Grab Bag
Pocky Bag

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