August 8th, 2014

Pocky Lightsabers – Star Wars and Pocky meet!

Giant Pocky has been around for years, and Glico have tried a few different variations of Giant Pocky over the years, including Giant Rainbow Pocky, that collected 7 different colored Giant Pocky sticks in a single box.

Well now, they have probably made the best Giant Pocky you will ever see by creating the ultimate fusion food that geeks have been waiting for since time began….Star Wars Pocky!.

The fact that colored Giant Pocky sticks kind of look like lightsabers anyway makes this tie-in a match made in heaven……or a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Pocky

The Giant Star Wars Pocky is available in 2 boxes – one featuring Darth Vader, and other featuring Luke Skywalker.

Each Pocky Stick / Lightsaber is about 20cms long, and each stick is individually wrapped and comes in one of 3 colours, Green, Red, and Purple, and the flavors are:

  • Red = Strawberry
  • Green = Green Tea
  • Purple = Grape

The launch of these Giant Pocky Star Wars sticks was supported by some great TV commercials that featured Darth Vadar:

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