August 6th, 2014

What is Reverse Pocky, and where can you get it?……and introducing Pejoy.

What is Reverse pocky?

Reverse Pocky was a flavor of Pocky that had cracker on the outside with the filling in the middle. The biscuit exterior made it seem more crunchy and the filling in the middle of the biscuit stick was hard and solid.

Various flavors were released in the range including Chocolate, White Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry and more.

Pocky Reverse got a big marketing push on its launch and you can see the Japanese TV commercial below:


Where can i buy Reverse Pocky?

And here is the bad news, sadly it isn’t really being made at present. You will still find some boxes of Belgian Chocolate Reverse Pocky for sale that is being produced by the Thai arm of the Glico and Pocky business

But……here is the good news: Glico have launched a new brand called ‘Pejoy’ which is basically reverse Pocky by a different name. They are even marketing it as part of the Pocky family with a strapline the appears on some of the Western boxes that states – “Pocky’s friend”. Even the official marketing blurb that Glico are using states that Pejoy is just Pocky with a different name:

Pejoy Pocky “Pejoy is Pocky turned inside out! It starts with a thin and crispy cookie biscuit outer shell. This delicious shell is then filled with our creamy rich chocolate to create a one-of-a-kind taste. Bite into one and you’ll be asking “how did they make this?” That’s our secret for you to enjoy!”

Pejoy comes in a variety of flavors, much like the ones released previously as reverse Pocky, and the great news is that they are readily available online and you can buy them now from and

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