Pocky TV Commercials

Pocky TV commercials and adverts have become as iconic as the Japanese snack they are dedicated to, due to their sense of fun, the distinctive theme tune (the Pocky song) and use of Japanese celebrities.

Each Pocky ad is usually a 15 second ‘micro-story’ and often there is something in the adverts that interrupts or disrupts the plot – a mum barging into a son’s bedroom whilst he is with a girl, a actress falling over in front of a crowd at a social gathering, err…a zombie attack. That sort of thing. Basically the commercials needn’t make any sense other than Pocky ends up being the unifying constant in us all….and makes the day better.

The Pocky Song:
As addictive as Pocky itself, or possibly irritating to some, the Pocky theme tune cannot be ignored and it is ubiquitous in the Pocky commercials.

The lyrics of the song are pretty simple and basically consist of a single phrase being repeated:
“Anata mo watashi mo pocky
Anata mo watashi mo pocky
Anata mo watashi mo pocky”

This basically means “You and I are Pocky”, or “You are Pocky and so am I”. We are all Pocky.

The Pocky TV Adverts:

We have collected together some of the recent Pocky TV adverts and commercials for you to watch below, starting with the Pocky adverts that feature the classic ‘Pocky Song’ and then moving on to commercials that feature alternative soundtracks and formats.

Stuck in the rain Pocky commercial:

Pocky ‘Ugly Girl’ Commercial:

Pocky Teenagers:

Summer Pocky Commercial:

Pocky Zombies:
A popular Pocky commercial that featured dancing zombies

Valentines Day Pocky Commercial:
In Japan it is common for girls to give the guy they like a gift – usually sweets or chocolate. Being a Pocky advert, things do not go to plan….

Nakama Yukie Pocky Commercial:
Japanese actress Yukie Nakama who you may recognise from films like Gokusen 1 & 2, Ring 0 and Shinobi, stars in this Pocky advert.

Man and boy Pocky commercial:
Released to announce the new Pocky flavor Kurogoma (black sesame seed).

Morning Musume Pocky Commercial
Features a different ‘Pocky’ song.

Pocky Morning Musume Flamenco Commercial:

Mousse Pocky Commercial:
Quite a lengthy commercial for a mousse flavour Pocky

Mousse Pocky:
Another commercial for mousse Pocky, the girl in the advert is saying “soft”

Venus Mousse Pocky Commercial:
Featuring Kaori Iida, Mari Yaguchi, and Hitomi Yoshizawa from Morning Musume

Classic Pocky Commercial:
One from the archives, check out this old Pocky TV commercial.


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  1. Looking for the Pocky commercial featuring a really lively and cheery girl, dancing through the streets, followed by the crowd and singing about pocky sweets. Any ideas?

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