2001 Giant Rainbow Pocky

2001 Giant Rainbow Pocky Okay, so lets not pretend that you’ll still be able to find 2001 Rainbow Pocky for sale, but the good news is that regular Rainbow Pocky does still go into production from time to time and you can still find it online if you are patient.

Anyway, back to 2001 Rainbow Pocky – as the box art would suggest, 2001 Rainbow Pocky was released as a limited edition Pocky to celebrate the year 2001.

Each box contained a mixture of distinct and unique flavors of Pocky, each one in a colour of the Rainbow.

The flavors were a blend of some classic Japanese and Pocky flavors (for example Green tea) and some more unusual ones that you dont usually see in the Pocky range.

The full flavors included were:

Giant Green tea Pocky:
The green stick was the Green Tea Pocky, and tried and tested classic from the Pocky range, and a staple chocolate flavor for most Japanese confectionery brands

Giant Cider Pocky
The blue coloured Pocky stick was a a Cider flavor Pocky. This is an unusual flavor that Pocky havent really explored much before or since.

Giant Custard Pocky
The yellow Pocky in the box was a custard flavor. Custard Pocky has ben released on its own in the Pocky range, most notably in the Pocky Mousse range

Giant Blueberry Pocky
The Purple stick was a Blueberry flavor, again, another classic Pocky flavor that regularly comes in and outof production

Giant Orange Pocky
Another underused Pocky flavor – the orange coloured stick, unsurprisingly, was an orange flavor chocolate wrapped around a giant Pocky biscuit stick

Giant Chocolate Pocky
No box of Pocky would be complete without the classic chocolate Pocky

Like we said, you wont find this Pocky on the shelves anywhere, but Rainbow Pocky does make a welcome appearance from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled on the links below for more info.

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