Almond Crush Pocky (Box)

Almond Crush Pocky Almond Crush has been a core Pocky flavor for a while now – you know you have found a good Pocky when it is pretty much produced all year round and isn’t subject to the limited edition runs that many Pocky flavors are subjected to.

Almond Crush Pocky, for us, is pretty much Pocky perfection.

The basic Pocky biscuit stick is unchanged, but the chocolate coating is way thicker than you get with almost any other Pocky – it’s probably 4 times thicker (at least) than your average Pocky. As a result you get less sticks in a box, but you wont feel cheated given the extra thickness and topping on these sticks. You can also get large boxes that include more sticks if you shop around.

It is also studded throughout with crushed almond pieces that really add to the whole experience. The flakes of almond are actually pretty thick (no thin almond shavings here), and make the Pocky sticks feel more substantial.

Product Details:

  • Glico’s Pocky cracker stick with chocolate almond crush.
  • Pocky lovers must not miss this tasty snack.
  • INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour, Almond, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cacao Mass, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Butter, Shortening, Skim Milk, Salt, Butter, Yeast, Emulsifier, Artificial Flavour, Mineral Salt
  • ALLERGY WARNING: Contains Soybean, Wheat, Soybean Milk. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes egg, peanuts
  • NUTRITION FACTS: Serving Size = 14.6g (1 Package); Serv. Per Container = About 6; Calories = 81; Fat Cal = 43.2; Total Fat = 4.8g; Sodium = 23mg; Total Carb: 7.6g; Protein: 1.8g

Almond Crush Pocky

This is one of the best Pocky’s you can find (in our humble opinion), and you will find it in various box sizes. so pick it up when you see it.

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