Almond Pocky

almond pocky This is Almond Pocky, a solid Pocky flavor, but sadly one that isn’t always available.

Almond Pocky was first released way back in 1971 and had the distinction of being the third Pocky flavor ever released – it was preceded by Chocolate, and then Strawberry.

So Almond Pocky has history and pedigree, and for this reason alone you should pick up a box if you ever see one when they get releases in limited runs.

The other reasons you should get a box it that it is actually one of the nicest blended Pockys you’ll find.

The biscuit stick is the classic Pocky stick, and the chocolate topping is smooth, tasty, and rich, and carries a perfect almond flavor – not too oily and not too sweet.

This Pocky flavor is now hard to find and Almond Crush Pocky is the bigger and more popular sibling to this Pocky, and is usually available if you need a hit of Almond Pocky.

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