Apple Yogurt Pocky

appleyogurtpocky Apple is a flavor that has been used before in various Pocky releases, but it has never seemed to catch on as one of the truly popular flavors, which is a shame as some of the Apple Pocky incarnations have been very nice. Despite the fact that Apple is not a traditional flavor that you would blend with chocolate.

The latest Apple flavor in the Pocky range comes in the form of ‘Apple Yoghurt Pocky’.

Apple Yoghurt is a nicer way into using apple as a Pocky flavor – apple itself just doesn’t lend itself to a bitter chocolate experience.

The actual taste of this Pocky is pretty authentic, and you can really taste the apple flavor. In a blind taste test you wouldn’t be in any doubt that this was an Apple Pocky.

The chocolate frosting also has a pleasant tang to it, not unlike the Tsubu Tsubu Pocky range that feature seeds or flakes of fruit embedded into the frosting in order to add an extra kick to the flavor.

The packaging is nice too!

Worth trying if you can find it.

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