Azuki Pocky

azuki pocky Azuki Pocky is a distinctly Japanese flavor and is named after the Azuki bean アズキ(小豆).

The Azuki is a popular bean throughout Japan (and other Asian countries) and is very often used in deserts and is often sweetened before being eaten.

The Azuki Pocky flavor is the Pocky take on the popular Azuki bean.

The biscuit stick is covered in sweetened Azuki bean frosting, and from the moment you open the packet, you can really smell the Azuki bean aroma.

It isn’t unpleasant, but for those people not used to beans as a sweet snack, the first smell of Azuki Pocky is certainly memorable.

Despite the distinctive smell, the actual taste is pretty gentle, with a smooth and soft frosting that adds to the mild experience.

Azuki beans can vary wildly in strength of flavor, but this Azuki Pocky is definitely made with the mass market in mind and doesn’t throw any strong flavors in your face.

If you are a true Pocky explorer, then you probably want to try this unique flavor if you can find it available anywhere.