Belgian Milk Chocolate Reverse Pocky

belgian milk choc reverse pocky Reverse Pocky is a style of Pocky that put the flavor inside the biscuit stick.

So you end up with an extra crunchy biscuit tube that is packed full of the chocolate flavour.

A few flavors have been released in the Reverse Pocky range, including Chocolate, Strawberry, and this range of Belgian Chocolate Reverse Pocky.

This is the milk chocolate Belgian reverse Pocky and it is quite a nice change for those Pocky lovers looking for something a little different.

The quality of the chocolate inside the stick is pretty nice. It is a solid filling, and not a softer Belgian truffle type of filling that we were originally expecting, but it is tasty and creamy all the same.

The solid filled stick and biscuit tube gives a satisfying crunch when biting into the Pocky stick, and the biscuit exterior also means it is great for dipping into hot drinks!

You can still find Belgian Reverse Pocky online if you look online, usually in the Thai packaging.

Also available in Belgian Dark Chocolate Reverse Pocky.

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