Berry Carnival Pocky

Berry Carnival Pocky To celebrate the 2014 World Cup, Pocky released a suitably Brazilian version of Pocky.

The Berry Carnival Pocky is intended as a Limited Edition that will be available for most of 2014.

Pocky have released various Berry flavors previously, but this version puts that taste emphasis on the Acai Berry – chosen because the berry is native to South America and is a popular fruit in Brazil.

This is a tangy Pocky, with sweet and sour notes to the flavor that probably comes from the blend of Strawberry and Blueberry flavors mixed with the Acai.

This is a nice tasting Pocky that should appeal to most palates, and is definitely more satisfying than the Brazilian football team’s performance on the pitch for the 1014 World Cup.

The packaging features a green background with a yellow highlight in the center – designed to evoke associations with the Brazilian flag.

Get it while you can.

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