Black & Latte Pocky Mousse

Pocky  Mousse Black & Latte This is another entry that was released into the popular Pocky Mousse range.

The Pocky Mousse range featured a topping that is far more light, soft, and airy than regular Pocky toppings.

The Black & Latte Pocky Mousse flavor has a milk coffee chocolate covering which then has dark chocolate flavored stripes dripped around the outside.

It is pretty effective too, the stick has a strong taste, much more like black coffee as opposed to latte – but the milk latte stripes add an extra sweetness that offsets the stronger dark topping quite nicely.

It is a tasty snack, and like all Pocky Mousse sticks, the topping is thicker than the standard chocolate covering that you get on regular Pockys.

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