Brazilian Pudding Pocky

brazilian pudding pocky Brazilian Pudding isn’t just a fancy name for a new Pocky flavor – it is an actual dessert.

Pundim de Leite (Brazilian Milk Pudding) is a traditional Brazilian pudding that is made from condensed milk, sugar, eggs, and is cooked in a ‘ring shape’ and served with a caramel sauce topping.

This Brazilian Pocky flavour really gets into the Brazilian feel from the off – that packaging is bright, tropical, and features a toucan bird.

Upon opening the packaging, you get a nice smell that is not unlike burnt sugar or caramel, almost nutty, but not quite.

The biscuit sticks are coated in a cream coloured frosting, with a few dark black stripes of chocolate dripped around the the stick near the top (not unlike the style you get with Marble Pocky).

The sticks are nice, and you can actually taste caramel and hints of condensed milk when you bite into it. Not ever having had a real Brazilian pudding, we cant comment on how accurate the flavor is to the real thing – but as far as Pocky goes, this is an interesting and enjoyable flavor.

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