Buy Chocolate on Chocolate Praline Flavour Pocky

Chocolate on Chocolate Praline Flavour Pocky This chocolate on chocolate praline flavor Pocky is a stylish and indulgent Pocky.

The Praline Pocky is a popular entry to the Pocky ‘chocolate on chocolate’ series and features a soft whipped chocolate covering on the biscuit stick, with a darker milk chocolate dripped and swirled around the length of the Pocky stick.

The unique selling point behind this Pocky is that the biscuit stick is coated with two layers of coating, as opposed to one.

The first layer is the praline base which provides the sweetness, which is then covered with the slightly more bitter tasting thick chocolate topping.

The smooth praline flavor and extra thick chocolate adds to the indulgent experience of this Pocky.

One word of warning here though – you get fewer sticks in these boxes of Pocky due to each stick being much thicker than the usual Pocky.

Each box of Chocolate on Chocolate Praline Pocky contains four individual bags each containing three sticks of this thick Pocky.

Looking to treat yourself? Then this is one of the Pockys to do it with. Enjoy.

Find out where to buy Chocolate on Chocolate Praline Flavor Pocky and get it delivered to your door below.

**UPDATE: This Pocky is not always in production, and can be tricky to find now – below offer a sign-up service that will let you know when they get more in stock**

Chocolate on Chocolate Praline Flavour Pocky

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