Buy Coconut Flavor Pocky

Coconut Flavor Pocky If you don’t like coconut then turn away now……because Coconut Pocky is totally covered in thick flakes of toasted coconut embedded in smooth milk chocolate.

Each box contains 16 sticks. This is less sticks than a standard Pocky box, but Coconut Pocky is much thicker than the usual Pocky, so you still get value for money.

We also like the fact that Glico has changed the design of the box for this tropical tinged Pocky.

Coconut Pocky is a taste sensation and provides a nice mix of flavors and textures – the milk chocolate is smooth and the coconut flakes feel substantial and tastes fresh.

Enjoy Pocky’s summer flavor series in Coconut. This Pocky can be tricky to find, so be sure to stock up when you find it if you are a coconut fan.

Find out where to buy Coconut Pocky online and get it delivered to your door below.

Where to buy Coconut Pocky online