Buy Gokuboso Chocolate Pocky (slim Pocky)

Gokuboso PockyGokuboso Pocky is a relatively new entry into the world of Pocky flavours, and in taste, it doesn’t differ that much from the original Pocky.

Gokuboso (極細) roughly translates from the Japanese as ‘fine’ or ‘extremely fine’, and is used on this variant of Pocky to mean ‘slim’.

Gokuboso Pocky is extremely thin – each stick is as long as regular Pocky, but they are much thinner in diameter, giving them a satisfying crunchy texture. Due to the thinner biscuit stick the chocolate covering is also slightly thicker.

The chocolate covering is pretty much the same blend that is used in Original Pocky, but the biscuit stick seems to have more of a snap to it (probably due to the thinner size).

You get plenty of these ‘super-slim’ Pockys in a box, and the sticks are addictive as any other Pocky.

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Where to buy Gokuboso Chocolate Pocky online

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