Buy Milk Chocolate Pocky

Milk Chocolate Pocky So what makes this Milk Chocolate Pocky that much different from the original chocolate Pocky?

It’s made with 2.5 times more milk than normal, that’s what.

This Pocky is basically the same tasty biscuit stick covered in chocolate, but with this flavor Glico have chosen to use much more milk in the chocolate giving it a smoother chocolatey flavor.

This is a Pocky flavor that all chocolate and Pocky fans should try and makes a great treat for all those addicts looking for their next Pocky Fix.

At first, we thought this was a bit too sweet, the taste is significantly sweeter than regular Pocky, but after eating a couple of sticks our palate readjusted to the new chocolate blend, and we enjoyed it.

Not always easy to find this flavor online, but worth tracking down and picking a box up when it is in stock.

Find out where to buy Milk Chocolate Pocky below

Where to buy Milk Chocolate Pocky