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Milk Chocolate Salty PockyIf you haven’t yet noticed, most major chocolate brands are producing “Salt and Chocolate” products.

Hold up…’s not as bad as it first sounds, have you tried the salted Pretzel M&Ms yet? If you have, then you’ll know that the savoury and sweet combination totally works (when it’s done right).

So it is great news that Pocky have started experimenting with salty chocolate blends and flavors, and the more adventurous Pocky-fans will find a lot to love about the new Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky.

This is basically your standard milk chocolate Pocky…..except it has salt crystals embedded into the chocolate covering.

Here’s the official description:
Salt brings out more sweetness and flavor of the famous Glico Pocky milk chocolate. You can even see the salt grains embedded throughout the stick. Pocky is one of the most recognized products in Japan. This version has salt bits embedded in the chocolate which covers 80% of the yummy cookie stick. Very rich and substantial. 2 sealed plastic packs sticks within the beautiful blue box.

The packaging looks great too.

You should try this, it is available now online and is so cheap that you haven’t got anything to lose…..and you may just discover a new Pocky favorite.

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