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Mint Chocolate Pocky Mint Chocolate Pocky is a classic Pocky flavour – which makes it odd that it is only released every few seasons as a limited edition.

In our humble opinion, this is one Pocky flavour that should be available all year round. If Strawberry Pocky is a permanent fixture on the shelves, then Mint Chocolate Pocky should be too. Can you hear us Glico?

Mint Chocolate Pocky is comprised of your basic Pocky biscuit stick, and is covered in dark mint chocolate. Not unlike having an After Eight….on a stick!

This Pocky is great from the moment you open the box and the sealed bag that the sticks are packaged in – the aroma of mint is instantly striking, natural, and enticing.

The chocolate is on the dark end of the spectrum, without being too bitter. Overall, this is a cool tasting snack, and one where the blend of chocolate and mint tastes are exactly right.

This is a classy entry in the Pocky range and you should definitely pick some up when you see them in stock.

Pocky tip: Try putting a packet in the fridge for an extra cool minty sensation. Or use them to stir your coffee with, amazing!

Buy Mint Chocolate Pocky

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