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Pocky Almond Crush In our humble opinion, the Pocky Almond Crush is one of the most indulgent and best Pocky flavours on the market.

The Pocky Almond Crush is covered in extra thick milk chocolate and crushed almond pieces – this pocky is tasty, crunchy, and incredible.

Pocky Almond Crush is one of the regular flavors in the ever-changing world of Pocky, and it remains one of the core Pocky types that is usually available all year round.

The actual chocolate is similar to the slightly bitter blend used on the original Pocky, but each stick in encrusted with sweet almond pieces, giving this Pocky a great texture.

Almond crush pocky sticks

Pocky Almond Crush is available in various sized boxes, and always get eaten almost as soon as you open them – so stock up!

And if you have never tried this stunning Pocky then you should correct your ways as soon as possible. This should be a staple in your snack cupboard.

  • Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky sticks are light biscuit-like snacks coated in delicious chocolate and crunchy almond bits
  • Pocky makes a fun snack or a tasty dessert
  • It’s not too sweet, it’s not too dry, it’s not too bland

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