Buy Pocky Caramel Milk flavour

Pocky Caramel Milk Caramel Milk Pocky is a creamy caramel twist on the original Pocky.

Be warned, these Caramel Milk Pockys are very very sweet tasting – perfect for those Pocky fans with an extra sweet tooth. The sweetness may be too much for some people though.

This Pocky is a rich blend of caramel and milk infused into the chocolate to create addictive Pocky sticks. You may need two boxes because one may just not be enough.

The beige caramel milk flavored chocolate covers 80% of the biscuit stick. The box also states that Caramel Milk Pocky is a good source of calcium – not that you need any extra reasons to buy a box of addictive Pocky.

Caramel Milk Pocky goes really well with a glass of cold milk, and you’ve not yet experienced this Pocky flavour yet then we suggest getting a small box – it may be extra sweet, but it is still Pocky, and remains as addictive as any other flavour.

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Where to buy Caramel Milk Pocky online

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