Buy Pocky Men’s Bitter Chocolate

Pocky Mens The original chocolate Pocky is manly enough for us, but if you need your masculinity stamped all over the box of your Pocky, then Glico Men’s Pocky is for you.

Men’s Pocky is essentially the same as the original chocolate Pocky, but has a more bitter tasting chocolate and is less sweet than the original chocolate Pocky.

To be honest, Men’s Pocky is enjoyed equally by both men and women in Japan and all over the world – so don’t be scared, buy some.

Men’s Pocky is the same delicious biscuit sticks covered in rich dark chocolate. Despite being richer in taste and slightly more bitter, Men’s Pocky is equally addictive as any other Pocky stick, so stock up and be ready to broaden the taste horizons of your Pocky addiction.

  • Crunchy biscuit sticks covered with dark chocolate
  • Despite being called “Men’s Pocky,” these delicious snacks are greatly enjoyed by all!
  • Each box contains 2 packs
  • Net. Wt.2.53 Oz.

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