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Pumpkin Flavor Pocky A Pocky for the brave and adventurous – Pumpkin flavour Pocky is unique and different.

Japanese snack manufacturers are famous for developing new flavours and testing out the more ‘niche’ taste sensations, and Pocky is no different – Pumpkin flavour Pocky has been on the market for a while now and seems to be here to stay.

Any Pocky addict owes it to themselves to try this delicious flavour varient on the original Pocky – we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you think it actually tastes like Pumpkin or not. The ingredients listed on the side of the box states it actually includes Pumpkin though – which is rare these days for any flavoured snacks to actually contain the ingredient.

Pumpkin flavour Pocky is often Halloween branded during October.

Pumpkin Pocky is creamy with a hint of sweetness, plus the inner bags have nice drawings on them of a witch riding a pumpkin.

Find out where to buy Pumpkin Pocky online below

Where to buy Pumpkin Pocky online

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    Pumpkin flavour Pocky is available via from about $6.99