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Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry PockyCurrently Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky is the strawberry Pocky of choice that is being manufactured by Glico (as opposed to the old one – which can still be found online).

The good news is that this Strawberry Pocky is as tasty and addictive as it has ever been….and maybe even better:

This new Strawberry Pocky proudly boasts that it is made with 25% real strawberry, and one look at the Pocky sticks reveals that the strawberry milk chocolate that covers the biscuit sticks is generously studded with chunks of strawberry.

Tsubu Tsubu is a Japanese term for food with chunks, or ‘bits’ in it. Each of these Pocky sticks are studded with thick flakes of strawberry, giving it a more intense flavour and a bumpy texture to the Pocky. Very satisfying! As soon as you open the pack you will be hit by the sweet aroma of the strawberry frosting.

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Where to buy Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky

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    Get single packs or multi-packs via
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    Strawberry Pocky is also available from, get it delivered to your door.