Buy Winter Pocky White Chocolate

Winter Pocky White ChocolateThe classic Pocky stick gets a winter makeover with this ‘Glico Pocky Winter White Chocolate’ flavour.

These chocolate biscuit sticks are covered in white chocolate giving a unique and festive appearance to the Pocky.

The chocolate frosting is thicker than that found on regular Pocky sticks, giving it a more satisfying feeling to sink your teeth into.

It’s not all about looks though, using the finest chocolate and biscuit, Winter White Pocky is a smooth and tasty Pocky experience.

The packaging is lovely for this Pocky too – featuring embossed text on the box! Also available with Cocoa Powder

It’s not always easy to find the Pocky flavor online as this is very much a seasonal Pocky.

We have dug out a few places where you can still usually find it available to buy online – check out the online shops below.

Where to buy Winter Pocky online

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    Sometimes you will find this seasonal Pocky back in stock at
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    The seasonal Winter Pocky flavours also crop up on