Buy Winter Pocky with Cocoa Powder

Winter Pocky with Cocoa PowderThis is another release in the winter Pocky flavours – the Winter Pocky with Cocoa Powder.

This flavour Pocky is the usual tasty, biscuit stick covered in chocolate, but it adds a thick dusting of Cocoa powder on top of the chocolate – giving a richer and more intense chocolate taste.

Be prepared to get cocoa powder on your lips whilst eating this Pocky. Mmmmm…dusty.

The chocolate on the stick is also thicker than the usual Pocky, so all in all, this is about as rich and indulgent an experience that you can make from what is basically chocolate on a stick.

Pocky addicts will love this twist on the original Pocky.

Winter Pocky is also available in White Chocolate

This Pocky flavour can often be tricky to find online due its seasonal nature, but we have collected some links below where you can usually buy some.

Remember, this is a seasonal product so you’ll far more luck finding some in stock in winter.

Where to buy Winter Pocky with Cocoa Powder online

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    The range of Winter Pocky flavours also pops up on, so check here if you are in the UK