Café au Lait Almond Crush Pocky

Pocky Almond Crush Cafe auLait The huge popularity of Almond Crush in the Pocky range has seen multiple versions of it get developed over the years.

This is one of the more recent Almond Crush spin-offs, and it is well worth trying.

This version has the basic Pocky biscuit stick, covered in thick chocolate and totally encrusted in almond flakes and almond pieces giving a great and satisfying texture – the key difference here is that the chocolate has a distinctive coffee taste to it.

To be honest, the Almond Crush range and any of the flavors are pretty much Pocky-perfection.

Café au Lait Almond Crush Pocky comes in regular sized Pocky boxes, but you can also find them in larger boxes if you look around, which is useful as you tend to get less sticks in a regular box due to the thicker sizes of the toppings on the sticks.

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