Chocolate Mousse Pocky

pocky mousse chocolate Pocky Mousse was released as an alternative to regular Pocky by creating a biscuit Pocky stick with a thicker and softer topping.

The chocolate on Pocky Mousse feels whipped and full of air bubbles – not that unlike eating an Aero chocolate.

Chocolate Pocky Mousse is aimed squarely at those Pocky fans who have ever complained about the chocolate topping being too thin on a regular Pocky.

The chocolate topping isn’t really like eating a mousse at all – it isn’t soft for starters, however, because the chocolate is thicker and has been whipped so it contains plenty of air so eating a Pocky Mousse is more like eating an Aero or a Wispa.

The chocolate used is pretty much the same as you’ll find on a regular Pocky, so you should view this Pocky Mousse as a fatter and thicker sibling of the original Pocky…..which isn’t a bad thing at all.

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