Cookie Crush Pocky

Cookie Crush Pocky Ahhh, seriously, Pocky doesn’t get better than any of the flavors in the Pocky Crush range.

This is Chocolate Cookie Crush Pocky, and for our money, this is close to Pocky perfection.

The Pocky Crush range basically takes the basic Pocky stick, dips it in milk chocolate that is way thicker than the usual chocolate found on Pocky, and then mixes in chunks of crushed nuts or biscuits. In this case, it is crushed chocolate cookie pieces.

The chocolate covering works great with the cookie, as it is at the milky end of the chocolate spectrum (some regular Pocky can be more bitter or dark), and the dark cookie pieces crumble into powder nicely when you bite them.

Cookie Crush Pocky also comes in larger boxes (as well as the usual regular size).

Cookie Crush Pocky