Fuyuno Kuchidoke Winter Pocky

fuyuno pocky This is Fuyuno Kuchidoke, a seasonal Pocky flavor that sometimes gets released in winter time.

Roughly translated ‘Fuyu’ is Japanese for “winter” and Kuchidoke can be translated as “melt-in-your-mouth”.

This Pocky was released in a shiny silver box that featured full length images of rich looking Pocky, dusted with cocoa powder. A classy and eye-catching start.

When you open the box you are immediately hit by the rich and bitter smell of chocolate, not unlike the smell of some darker chocolate truffles.

Each box contains 6 sticks of Pocky. The chocolate topping is much thicker than regular Pocky and is softer to the touch – it kind of reminded us of the Pocky Mousse range. Each stick is dusted with cocoa powder, and if we had one complaint it is that the powder is not as thick as the box art suggested. It covered the whole stick, but it was pretty thin.

As soon as you bit into the Pocky any complaints that you may have had about the cocoa powder soon drops away – this is a really tasty blend of chocolate. It is rich, with the unsweetened cocoa powder adding a bite of bitterness that plays really well with the sweet chocolate.

We wish it could be winter every day, if this is the quality of Pocky that comes with it.

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