Goka (Five Fruit) Pocky

goka pocky Goka is the fruit alternative to Kurogo Pocky.

Goka Pocky roughly translates as ‘Five fruit’ Pocky; ‘go’ is the Japanese word for ‘five’.

So basically this is a fruit blend Pocky, and it features the following fruits:

  • Momo (Peach)
  • Natsume (Jujube)
  • Anzu (Apricot)
  • Sumomo (Plum)
  • Kuri (Chestnut)

These five flavors are blended together and smothered on the biscuit Pocky sticks.

The flavor is quite nice and not too sweet. The dominant flavor feels like Peach, but you can definitely taste the other flavors coming though. The flavor is light and fruity, and doesn’t really feel like you are eating fruit flavored topping, it has a weight and stickiness to it.

Altogether, pretty nice.

Worth noting that we love the packaging on this flavor of Pocky, which goes for light peach colors decorated with the kanji symbols for the fruit.

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