Grape Pocky

Grape Pocky This is Grape Pocky.

Grape has been done a few times before in the Pocky range, including being featured as a flavor for a regional Pocky called Nagano Grape Pocky.

So Glico and the Pocky team know how to get an authentic grape flavor topping on a Pocky stick.

This Grape Pocky was released as a seasonal Pocky, and all in all it s pretty plain and nothing to write home about. Worth picking up for curiosity points and the simple but nice packaging.

The stick is the usual biscuit stick, and the topping is purple, smooth, and does a decent enough job of tasting like red grapes.

We conducted a few blind taste tests on friends, and it was 50/50 on who correctly identified the taste as grape, the rest thought it was summer fruits or maybe blackberry.

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