Green Tea Mousse Pocky

Green Tea Pocky Green Tea has obviously been a staple of Japanese life since pretty much forever.

Green Tea has made its way into Japanese snack foods and confectionery as a flavor in a big way. Green Tea Kit Kats are massively popular all over Japan, and Pocky usually have a Green Tea flavor available in one of their ranges all-year round.

This is the Matcha Green tea flavor in the Pocky Mousse range. Pocky Mousse is your basic Pocky biscuit stick, but with a differences – the chocolate/topping is much thicker than regular Pocky (twice as thick to be precise). The topping is also whipped slightly so that it contains tiny bubbles of air, giving the topping a richer and smoother texture than regular Pocky.

As usual with Pocky, the aroma of the sticks is pretty authentic. It is clear that this is Green Tea flavor from the moment that you open the box. The actual taste is smooth, with only a little bit of a bitter aftertaste from the green tea.

For those people not used to Green Tea, this might be a bit of a strange taste sensation, but this Pocky is actually a nice entry point into Green Tea flavored confectionery as it is one of the smoother tasting ones that we have had. The creamy nature of the Pocky Mousse range, and the relatively soft taste of this Green Tea Pock makes it feel more like eating Green Tea ice-scream (except its not cold).

There will always be many more Green Tea Pocky products vying for your attention, but this Mousse Pocky is well worth some of your attention if you can still find it.

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