Hokkaidō Yubari Melon Pocky

yubari melon This is another flavor in the regional Pocky range.

Regional Pocky are flavors released in certain parts of Japan, at particular times of the year.

This flavor is known as Hokkaidō Yubari Melon Pocky, and is a tribute to the Hokkaidō region of Japan. The Yubari Melon is a native fruit grown in the Hokkaidō region of Japan, and it is held up as a delicacy throughout Japan.

Hokkaidō Yubari Melon Pocky is only really found in this region of Japan, making it another Pocky flavor that Pocky enthusiasts hunt drown in droves when it gets a seasonal release.

This version of Pocky sees the regular biscuit stick smothered in a think coating that is bright orange to match the colour of the flesh of a Yubari Melon.

The flavoring itself is made with real real Yubari Melon juice, so its taste pretty authentic as far as we can tell.

Also, the Yubari Melon Pocky box art is easily in our top 5 favorites – bold, colorful, and distinctive.

Try it if you can find it, or make a friend in Hokkaidō and get them to send you some when it next gets released….

It is also worth mentioning that Yubari Melon Pocky also sometimes gets released in a Giant Pocky version, so keep an eye out for that.

Yubari Melon Pocky