Honey & Milk Pocky

honey and milk pocky This is another Pocky that only appears in Limited runs – Honey and Milk Pocky.

Honey Pocky has surfaced before as a special, customised seasonal Pocky, but this is the first time that Honey has been blended with milk for a Pocky flavor.

The packaging is quite striking and features a cartoon bee carrying a pot of honey, no sign of any milk though.

These Pocky smell quite sweet when you get into the packaging, and actually look pretty plain due to the colour of the topping nearly matching the colour of the stick – making it all look a bit dull.

The taste is interesting, the texture is creamy and the taste of honey definitely comes through, but the flavor of the milk lets it down somewhat. One of our persistent gripes with Pocky (an it is only a minor one) is that many of the milk related flavors taste more like powdered or condensed milk. It’s the same here.

Despite that minor issue, this is a nice tasting Pocky, and the more you eat the more it grows on you.

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