Honey Pocky

honey pocky Spring is an important time in Japan as the country erupts with the blooming of Sakura, or cherry blossom. There is huge cultural significance attached to the Cherry Blossom, as it represents the transience of life in Buddhism, and the flowers can symbolise the relatively short time life has to bloom. Each fallen flower is also often seen as a symbol to the many fallen samurai who gave their life protecting the Emperor.

And on a lighter note – spring also brings a new Pocky flavor. One of the more popular seasonal Pocky flavors released in spring was Honey Pocky.

The box is great, and really captures the Sakura in the background, there is no way that the Glico marketing team weren’t going to capitalise on the spring mood and the excitement of the Sakura blossum with this box art.

The actual Pocky itself was a sweet tasting honey topping on a biscuit stick – the topping was also studded with extra chunks with a pink frosting, which also drew parallels with the Sakura blossom.