Kinako (Soybean) Pocky

Kinako (Soybean) Pocky Kinako Pocky is a Japanese Pocky flavor that brings the taste of Soybean to the world of Pocky.

Soybean is a popular ingredient in pretty must just about any type of food that you can think of in Japan, from sweet foods, to savory snacks.

To non-Japanese Pocky eaters, Soybean might sound like an unpleasant addition to the Pocky range, but it is actually a great addition to the Pocky range. Let us tell you why….

From the moment you open the packaging, you get a really nice aroma of the Soybean flavoring. The smell is reminiscent of a soft nutty smell with hints of caramel. Honest!

The biscuit stick hasn’t changed much, and the coating of Soybean almost matches the colour of the stick. The Soybean chocolate covering is thick and it is studded with bits of Soybean flavoring that crumble when you bite into them.

The taste is sweet, slightly nutty, with a snap of Soybean. This is a really nice Pocky that took us by surprise and we were not expecting to enjoy this one that much. You should totally try to hunt down this flavor or grab a box if you ever see it being released again.

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