Kobe Wine Pocky

Kobe Wine Pocky Kobe is in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, and is nestled at the foot of the Rokko mountain range. It is Japan’s second port and is more commonly famous for its beef, where the cows are routinely massaged and produce a marble looking beef.

Kobe is also famous for its vineyards, and its unique water quality and mineral content that it uses to produce its wine and sake.

Regional Pocky is released as a tribute to specific areas of Japan, and for Kobe it was decided to release a giant wine flavored Pocky.

The box art for Kobe wine Pocky is a favorite of ours as it manages to look old fashioned and retro without intending to – love the gold decoration around the rim of the box.

The Pocky is kind of purple coloured and has a distinctive aroma. The Pocky itself is okay – if we weren’t told that it was wine then we probably would have guessed it was a fruit Pocky, maybe blueberry or blackberry (not grape though). When you are aware that it is wine flavored you can actually pick up a tangy aftertaste that could be said to be ‘wine’.

Did we get drunk on it? Nah, so eat as much of it as you like 😉

This is an interesting Pocky flavor that the curious, and the Pocky obsessives will want to pick up just so they can say they have experienced it. And maybe keep the box and frame it.

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