Kurogo (Five Black) Pocky

Kurogo (Five Black) Pocky Okay, so we going to mangle or grossly simplify the translation for this, but basically, ‘Kuro’ refers to the colour ‘black’ 黒い (kuroi), and ‘go’ is Japanese for the number five. So literally, the Kurogo Pocky can be translated as ‘Black Five Pocky’.

This Pocky contains an interesting mix of popular Japanese flavours:

  • Black Sesame Seed (Kurogoma)
  • Black Rice (Kurogome)
  • Black Pine Nuts (Kuromatsunomi)
  • Black Soy Bean (Kuromame)
  • Black Chinese Quince (Kurokarin)

This is an interesting Pocky, perhaps one more suited to the curious, than those with less adventurous palates. This isn’t a sweet tasting Pocky and the actual taste is quite hard to pin down or define.

One of the dominant flavors that comes out is the sesame seed and the toasted pine nuts, that creates an oily taste. It isn’t unpleasant, and it feels much more like a savory snack as opposed to sweet tasting confectionery.

Hard to find now though….

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