Kurogoma (Black Sesame) Pocky

Kurogoma (Black Sesame) Pocky This is another distinctly Japanese flavor added to the ever-growing range of Pocky flavors.

Kurogoma Pocky is a flavor that may not appeal to everyone – firstly, you probably need to like toasted black sesame seeds. The taste is not the quite the same as the sesame snap type snacks that you find all over the world that are sweet and embedded in caramel/sugar. Black Sesame seeds have a lingering and bitter taste that won’t appeal to everyone, and they are not especially sweet at all.

The seeds are mixed in with what tastes like a mild, white chocolate coating, and the black seeds end up giving the overall coating a grey colour.

The taste is nice enough, you get the sweet chocolate taste first and then as you chew you release the bitter black sesame taste, which lingers on the tongue.

We enjoyed it, despite it not being in our shortlist of top Pocky flavors. It wont appeal to everyone though.

This is the Japanese TV Commercial for Kurogoma Pocky. It shows a man and a child (presumably) grinding sesame seeds in time to the Pocky theme tune:

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