Kyoto Powdered Tea Azuki Bean

Kyoto Powdered Tea Adzuki Bean This is the regional Pocky for the Kyoto region of Japan, which is located in the central part of the island of Honshu.

Regional Pocky is a range of Pocky that is released as a tribute to specific regions in Japan, and they usually have a flavor that is associated with something that region is known for.

They are very hard to get, and your best hope is either visiting the region, or trying to make friends with someone who lives there. The rare nature of these Pockys make them a holy grail for Pocky hunters.

The Kyoto region got Powdered Tea Azuki Bean Pocky as their regional flavor.

So what is it?
This Pocky has a tea flavored biscuit stick (rare in itself in the Pocky world) with a sweet Azuki Bean topping. The biscuit stick is infused with Kyoto Uji powdered tea to give it the unique taste.

The Azuki bean is a popular bean that is regularly sweetened and used in all manner of desserts in Japan. Pocky have released Azuki Bean flavors in the past before, and the topping on the Pocky is smooth and pretty mild.

The dryness of the biscuit and the twang that you get from the taste of tea is odd at first, but it soon all blends together quite well.

This is another of those Pocky releases that if you manage to get your hands on one, make sure you keep the box as a trophy, as these things are rare.

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