Kyushu Giant Mikan Pocky

Kyushu Giant Mikan Pocky Regional Pocky is a range of Pocky that are released in specific regions of Japan and are designed as a tribute to the area. This is Kyushu Giant Mikan Pocky, a fruit Pocky made for Kyushu.

To fully appreciate this Pocky, you probably need to know a bit about the components or history:

  • Kyushu (九州, Kyūshū, literally “nine provinces”) is Japan’s third largest island, located southwest of the main island Honshu.
  • Mikan are the most popular type of Japanese oranges. Mikan do not have seeds and are widely popular as a dessert or snack when they are in season in early winter.

The Kyushu Giant Mikan Pocky adds an extra twist of lemon to the proceedings, and you are hit with a citric aroma the minute you open this box of Pocky.

This is a light tasting and zesty Pocky, with the topping wrapped around an extra thick Pocky stick.

As with all regional Pocky, they are often only released in limited editions and with limited distribution to the local areas that they represent – which make regional Pocky’s very desirable to Pocky hunters.

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