Mango Pocky Mousse

Mango Pocky Mousse This is Mango Mousse Pocky, a new entry in the Pocky Mousse range.

Pocky Mousse was developed as an alternative to regular Pocky, and aimed at those Pocky eaters that kept requesting thicker chocolate and toppings on their Pocky sticks.

The coating on Pocky Mousse is twice the thickness of regular Pocky, and it is softer in texture.

It feels like Glico has spent a lot of time getting the flavor of this Pocky just right – it smells of mango when you open the box, and in a blind taste-test you’d have no problem identifying this as mango.

The taste is fresh, light and doesn’t linger, despite the thickness of the topping. It tastes more like a mango dessert as opposed to raw mango – not unlike eating mango ice-cream. This was a welcome surprise and Mango Mousse Pocky was much nicer than we expected – it manages to stay light and never gets too sickly. This is a really interesting Pocky and if you can track it down it is well worth your time in tasting it.

Check out the Japanese TV commercial for Pocky Mousse:

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