Marble Chocolate Caramel Pocky

Marble Chocolate Caramel Pocky This is Marble Chocolate Caramel Pocky, also know as ‘Marble Pocky Horoni Ga Caramel Chocolate Stick’.

Marble Pocky is a range that features thicker chocolate, that gets thicker towards the end of the stick, and also feature a secondary flavor that is dripped over and swirled around the stick in a contrasting colour giving the marble effect.

This Marble Pocky is a caramel and chocolate flavor.

Caramel and chocolate is a popular fusion the world over, however, it hasn’t been used as much as you would think in Pocky in the past – which is why it is always nice to see one emerge from Pocky.

You can smell the caramel as soon as you open the box, and these Pocky sticks look really attractive with a chocolate stick and a light and dark coloured chocolate topping. The thicker chocolate also makes it feels satisfyingly heavy in your hand, more substantial than regular Pocky.

The taste is nice and rich – one thing we did notice however, was that the caramel taste wasn’t quite what we were expecting, it actually tastes more like a light fudge. It is full of flavor and tastes rich, and the darker chocolate swirls and stick add a touch of bitterness that offsets the sweetness well.

Sadly these are hard to find now. But we keep our fingers crossed that Pocky will keep launching caramel and chocolate combinations in the future.

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