Marble Royal Milk Tea Pocky

Marble Royal Milk Tea Pocky Royal Milk Tea is very popular in Japan, and you wont really find it in many other places in quite the same way. ‘Royal Milk Tea’ is sold in many shops and can be bought in bottles, and it is often used as a flavour in many other chocolate bars in Japan.

The Lipton company in Japan invented the recipe for royal milk tea in 1965 and was made part of their “royal” series of recipes, and it was comprised of normal tea made with milk/cream and sugar. It remains very popular in Japan.

Pocky made sure that they included the flavour in the Pocky range, and it has appeared many times over the years in various formats and styles.

The Marble Royal Milk Tea was a popular Pocky flavour in the Marble range. These Pocky sticks really do have a genuine aroma of tea when you open the packaging, despite looking like caramel in their colour.

When you bite into these sticks there are a few distinct things that you notice – firstly the frosting is thicker than the usual Pocky sticks and almost feels like fudge. The second thing you notice is the ultra-sweet taste that hits you in waves. We found that the first hit was sweetness was quickly followed by an even sweeter aftertaste.

It is not unpleasant, but we soon found the sweetness to be pretty overpowering. This is a Pocky for those with a sweet-tooth, and for those without an excessive sweet-tooth, then we’d advise having a hot coffee on hand to offset the sweetness.

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