Mikado Daim

Mikado Daim Mikado is the name given to Pocky that is manufactured and sold in Europe and the UK.

It is pretty much mostly the same as Pocky, but it doesn’t yet enjoy the cultural status or popularity that Pocky has in Japan.

It also lacks the mind bending array of flavors that Pocky currently enjoys. That said, there are some creative flavors available in the Mikado range, and the Mikado Daim flavor is probably one of the best (plus it is a flavor that you cant get in the original Pocky range).

Daim (formally called Dime in the UK until 2005) is a chocolate bar that originated from Sweden, and is comprised of a crunchy buttery almond filling, topped with creamy milk chocolate.

Mikado Daim has taken the original Pocky stick, and have dipped it in thick milk chocalate and have studded it with chunks of Daim bar, giving the stick a great texture and an added crunch.

This is actually a flavor of Mikado that is worthy of the Pocky range (although I don’t think Daim bars are readily available in Japan), and is not unlike the Pocky Crunch flavors in terms of appearance and style.

A must for all Pocky, Mikado, and Daim fans.

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